Potty Rink

Designed with you in mind, The Potty Rink is the perfect way to provide your pooch a designated place to “go indoors” while you are away.

Made right here in the USA.

• Absorbs and contains liquids & protects floors.
• Walls provide a station for potty training.
• Easy to clean removable and washable potty pad.
• Portable and easy to setup.



Potty Rink Indoor Potty Training Station

The Potty Rink system is made for those who live in apartments, are unable to be home during the day, or travel with their pooch. It is ideal for everyday use.

Very simply, it provides an affordable way to designate a “spot” inside your home for your pet to conveniently and safely relieve themselves at any time. It also makes for an excellent gift for those who live in places of inclement weather such as bitter cold. The structure of it makes clean-up a breeze.

The Potty Rink and all accessories are made of recycled materials in the USA!

  • Set up in seconds.
  • Absorbs and contains liquids.
  • Leak resistant.
  • Walls provide a distinct boundary for potty training station.
  • Includes 22″ x 22″ removable and washable potty pad.
  • Reduces urine tracking.
  • Easy to clean removable and washable potty pad.
  • Made out of 100% recycled materials.
  • Made in the USA.

Standard Size: 25” x 25”.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS FOR POTTY PAD: Machine wash warm separately or hand wash. Hang dry. DO NOT BLEACH.